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Quality Control

The active principles in these products are time tested and well documented. Cevaex products are manufactured under strict quality control procedures in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified production facilities & ISO 9001 : 2000 modern quality. The manufacturing standards we enforce for our products in terms of quality, effectiveness, and safety are just as stringent as those applied to pharmaceuticals for humans.


  • If you are choosing a Cevaex Products, Cevaex is the one I would recommend. Here you are offered treatment of a reliable quality, and a full range of services is offered by a team of professionals. Caring staff, new equipment and helpful therapy - definitely, this is a right for my choice!

    57 years

  • Fantastic service and really helpful and caring personnel. I was impressed by pleasant atmosphere and the general assistance.Cevaex offered me a very effective treatment and I really did feel significant improvement in my poultry birds really soon. I followed all the prescriptions. Greatly thankful to all the staff, and I would definitely recommend Cevaex Products to everyone.
    Jeff Blake

    32 years